About Ofu Obi Africa Centre

Ofu Obi Africa Centre is a highly rated conference centre in Enugu State. The Centre has hosted several workshops, conferences, retreats, seminars, meetings and social events organized by the institute and other government and private organizations.

The Centre is a place for holidays and has more than fifty bed accommodation, open air 100-seater conference hall, 300-seater hall, business centre, beautiful manicured lawns, vegetation and natural stream.

The Centre's Bishop Michael Ugwu Eneja Hall housing a cyber cafe, library, restaurant and first class suites has reached advanced stage of completion.

This rare garden of nature, a climax of naturalness and green is constantly inviting the weary passerby to come in and have a bath in serenity that will revive his fainting soul. There is always a chilling reflection at arrival, so there is a place like this and so dose to us, how can one explain the vision and realization of this land of dream that can challenge the world?

'This is Africa, it is not the blossom of snow, it is the bloom and grow of flowers and plants and trees of a great continent whose sun is excitingly delicious and calls to mind the majestic Solomon in his kingly regalia yet less in beauty than the reds and yellow and purple and blue and white of God's hand in the flowers. The truth is that there is a place like the picture in your mind now and move, come, just come and see and bring the world to us for a dance with peace.

Thoughts are provoked, eyes misting over, the soul in praise to God, how abundantly generous God can be to give the mind and the brain that conceived this resounding edifice-Obiora. God bless the womb that bore him and perfect the breast that he suck.

This rare African centre for social thought and action is a rare song of the splendid vegetation of Africa, all will gather here one day in one mind and spirit- OFU OBI. We welcome the world to OFU OBI AFRICAN CENTRE.

The centre situate in its glance and embrace, in rising beauty and awe and captivation is nature's meeting point. There are as many interpretations as the heads that come to the centre, there will still be as many that will come and go blessed with peace and goodness.In the romantic words of Chidi, 'this place is awesome, full of natural endowment.

It's cool and I love it. Sr. Josephine in brevity declared a serene environment, beautiful and truly African'.

Evangelist Cosmas captured the perfect blend of great family fellowship and hospitality, he prayed, that may God bless this place abundantly.

Ofu Obi's services include:
- Lodging accommodation
- Conference hall
- Retreat centre
- Workshop/Seminar centre
- Training centre
- Continental and African dishes
- Bar
- Holiday resort

Each of our services is a story and a perpetual feast, a memory green and evergreen. You alone have the right words to convey to your heart and to others. Come, welcome.